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At The Law office of Olu Asekun. PC. we provide high-quality, specialized immigration services to Individuals and Organizations all over the United States. In addition, we provide high-quality legal services in the areas of family law and personal injury.


We Provide Highly Reliable & Effective Legal Solutions

For about 20 years we have represented Individuals, Corporations, and Government agencies all over the United States. We handle complex immigration matters, personal injury, and family matters with a very high percentage of success.

Practice Areas

We have expertise in the areas of practice listed below.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured in an accident, call our office today. We would love to assist you with your needs

Immigration Law

Expert guidance in immigration law, ensuring a smooth journey for you

Credential Evaluation

Accurate credential evaluation services for academic and professional achievements worldwide

Family Law

Your trusted guide in family law matters, providing support and resources.

The Attorneys

Expert Attorneys at Law Office of Asekun

Dr. Olusegun Asekun

Founder/Texas & New York Licensed Attorney

Olatoyosi Asekun

Missouri Licensed Attorney

Why Clients Choose Us?

“In 2005 when my wife and I met Lawyer Asekun, we were in a bad shape. I was an International student at Washington University in St Louis, MO. My wife was an F2 dependent; we wanted her to better herself. She was advised to enroll in College, which she did. By doing this, she inadvertently violated her status in the USA. As an F2 visa holder, she was supposed to apply and WAIT for approval before attending a credit-bearing course work in any school. Unfortunately, the Student’s Advisor advised us wrongly. Immigration promptly got on our case and my wife was told to leave the country IMMEDIATELY for violating her F-2 status……….

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For personalized legal guidance or inquiries, our team is available. Reach out through the provided contact details, and we’ll promptly assist you

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