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Yes but it is on a case-by-case basis. It also depends on your intent when you entered the United States. You cannot enter the United States with a visitor’s visa with the sole intent of changing to F-1.

You can work part time only on campus. You cannot work outside the campus.

Declaration of Age or Affidavit is not enough. You have to have birth certificate or Attestation of birth.

We cannot determine that until we know your sponsor’s income and family size.
No. Only US citizen can petition for parents.
No. Only US citizen can petition for fiancée.

You have to invest $900,000 and your investment must create minimum of 10 American jobs. However, if your investment is within a high unemployment area, and you invest through a Regional Center, the investment amount is a minimum of $800,000.00.

Yes. Your spouse and your children under 21 years old will all get Green Card.
Yes. The investment amount does not include USCIS filing fees, Attorney’s fees, and administrative fees where you invest through a regional center.

No. R-2 only gives your spouse legal status, it does not authorize your spouse to work.

Yes but you must apply for visa in your new status at the US Embassy in the country you are going.

No. You cannot change your status or extend the 90 days visiting period. However, if you are married to a US citizen, and your US citizen spouse petitioned for you while in the US, you can adjust your status to that of Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card).

No. For immigration purpose, adoption must occur before the child turned 16 years old. INA § 101(b)(1)(E).

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