Terms and Conditions for Evaluation Services go thus:

  • Where payment is made by a credit card, the card would be charged into the account of “The Law Office of Olu Asekun”.
  • No information will be released to individuals until proper payment has been received.
  • Where documents are forged, altered or falsified in any way, no report will be prepared and no refunds will be granted.
  • No refund will be granted for cancelled cases once the application is submitted, or when necessary documentation is not provided.
  • Evaluation reports prepared by FES are strictly advisory in nature and not binding to any institution, agency or Company.
  • FES cannot guarantee that the applicant will agree with the evaluation report.
  • FES reserves the right to verify documentation submitted with the issuing institution(s) and may request original documents to be sent directly from the issuing authority.
  • FES accepts no liability for damages resulting from the issuance of our evaluation reports. Additionally, FES accepts no liability for the loss or damage of its clients documents.
  • All evaluations are prepared based upon the most up to date international educational information available. Educational equivalencies may change with time.
  • If copies are required in future, FES will charge the standard fee and consider it a new evaluation.
  • Prices are subject to change at the discretion of FES.
  • Any dispute that may occur between FES and the applicant shall be governed by Texas law and subjected to the jurisdiction of Tarrant.

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